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Thank you for registering at CLTA! Please read this page carefully.

Why would any person decide to study through CLTA when there are so many other online Bible Colleges to choose from?

  • Because CLTA has a unique curriculum, combining solid Bible-based revelatory knowledge applicable to your spiritual growth and relationship with God, with up-to-date therapeutic methods (tools), which will help you and others overcoming the effects of trauma, stress, and negative emotional experiences.

What kind of Christian will benefit from studying through CLTA?

It is not the age neither the gender of the Christian who will benefit from studying through CLTA. But rather specific characteristics, such as one who…

    • is serious about growing spiritually, applying the truths learned,
    • wants to know God’s will, His ways, and His plans for mankind,
    • is teachable,
    • recognizes his/her own shortcomings, flaws, weak-points, and wants to grow, heal, and overcome it,
    • is deeply touched by other people’s hurts, struggles, and difficulties and wants to help them,
    • wants to be equipped in order to be effective in the kingdom of God.


CLTA will enable you to be competent, functional, and serviceable in the kingdom of God!


So, how does this online Bible College actually works?

  • CLTA uses a timetable of 45 weeks,
  • At the beginning of each week (Monday), we send you (a) the link to a 30min YouTube video as well as (b) the study material.
  • You need to watch the video as well as complete the study material and email your weekly assignment back to us before the next Sunday. (If we do not receive your assignment and or payment – depending on which payment option you have chosen – you will only receive the next material the following week)
  • After successfully completed all the assignments (week45), you will receive your Certificate via post or email.

Does the Certificate carries any international recognition and what can I do with it?

  • CLTA enjoys accreditation from Christian Quality Assurance Since 2011 (accreditation no. 457).
  • The certificate I, II, II, and ordination might not receive recognition in your denomination or Church.
  • However, should you continue with your year of practical “hands-on” ministry after ordination, you will qualify to do you post-graduate in pastoral therapy with CLTA, endorsed by Calvary University.
  • Well, you can frame the certificate and hang it on your office wall (of course you want to do that, I did!)
  • You will be able to run a cell-group or small house-church (we will help you to start a Household of God if you want to).
  • You will know how to counsel people and be able to charge them for your time and knowledge.

How much will it cost or is it actually for free?

  • If we were in heaven, I could give it for free….but who needs to study then, right?
  • Because we do not have major expenses, the fees are very affordable.
  • And because CLTA’s timetable works weekly, there is not a time-limit. (meaning, you can do the 45 weeks over a 2-year period if that’s the way you want to pay for your studies)
  • You have 3 options…
    • R2500 once-off payment for the 45 weeks or,
    • R250 X 11 (monthly) for the 45 weeks or,
    • R75 X 44 (weekly) for the 45 weeks of studying.


In my heart I’ve always felt that there had to be more to the plan of salvation, than just accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and then waiting to die in order for it to be completely fulfilled in my life.

The revelation our Father has given Edgar, and the manner in which he biblically imparts it, continually astounds me. Knowledge is important. It teaches us all about God and His spiritual process in our life. As we grow into this process, we discover that there is a Way back to where we came from, living as spiritual beings in the presence of our Lord and God. However, there needs to be a willingness of heart and obedience of mind to follow the Way back there again.

Through these teachings I have grown tremendously. I’ve come to know my Lord and my Father intimately. God has fanned a flame in my heart to know His Truth, and in  getting to know His Truth, I am progressively being set free.

I highly recommend these bible teachings to anyone who has a hunger, a love and a desire to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and God our Father, intimately.

Valerie Vorster

Thanks to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the CLTA’s “tools” for emotional healing I was healed from intense fear and nightmares of snakes which tormented me from a young age. It was difficult for me to just walk near a pet shop or zoo where snakes were kept. I also had frequent nightmares about snake attacks and was unable to enjoy a walk in the park or bush.

Also when my father passed away it was difficult to handle the heartache and emotional pain of a difficult relationship.

After studying and applying the “tools” under the guidance of the Holy Spirit I was able to obtain healing from my fear of snakes and emotional pain related to my fathers’ death.

I would gladly recommend CLTA.

Chantell Oosthuizen

CLTA Guarantees…

  • Your money-back!
  • If you have stuck to the time-table and have done all your assignments over 45 weeks and REALLY feel you have not benefited at all from studying at CLTA, we will refund your money (excluding bank costs).
  • Unfortunately, we will then not be able to issue your Certificate. (but you will have gained the knowledge and money back in your pocket)
  • 50% discount!
  • If you can find any online Bible College, which offers the same curriculum for 2012 at the same price, we will reduce your studies with 50%.

At CLTA you will…

  • learn the stages of spiritual growth – SPIRITUALITY
  • be taught how to make peace with those negative emotions that influence your life – EMOTIONAL
  • discover the principles on which all relationships are built – RELATIONAL
  • acquire the knowledge and tools of how trauma & STRESS affects your body and become able to overcome it – PHYSICAL
  • gain understanding in the Biblical ways of dealing with your finances and basic financial principles – FINANCIAL

Now that everything is clear, click here to complete the application form.

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