CLTA offers 2 options for Certificate I, II, and III:

(We are currently busy updating the curriculum for Certificate II & III for 2012, please be patient)

a) Classroom-option: Attend one of the CLTA in South Africa.

b) Online-option: Download the Modules from YouTube (or the receive the DVD via post) & receive the books and study guides via email.

Cost and info for Certificate I (Modules 1-4)

Classroom and Online: Please register in order for us to have your details.

Payment options: Complete the Application Form and choose a payment option (it is more affordable than what you think).

Study guides and prescribed books: Most material/study guides/YouTube downloads are included in study fees. However, some of the prescribed books the student needs to order from either or


The focus of CLTA is:
  • To clarify the purpose and plans of God – His mysteries, thoughts and ways for each child of God, as well us for the whole human race on this Earth. Is 55:7-8 Eph 1:9-10 Eph 3:2-3, 11, 21

  • To define spiritual growth and provide every believer with the knowledge of what it means to reach that state of maturity which the Bible calls “ a perfect man, the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” Eph 4:13
  • To explicate the processes of the salvation of our soul, which “is the end-goal of our faith”. 1 Pet 1:9 Phil 2:12

  • To entrust every student with the necessary skills and “tools” to be more effective in helping others.  2 Tim 3:17 Heb 13:21


Module 1a: Ecometric Assessment and basic Anthropology.

  • CLTA requires that all students do an ecometric assessment in the beginning and end of every Certificate Course.
  • Ecometrics does not seek to diagnose or classify, but to measure social functioning, with the emphasis on behavioural strengths and positive coping skills.
  • CLTA believes that students have the capacity to grow and change and to see and develop solutions to their specific problems and difficulties.
  • It is important to realize that ecometric assessment scales are not “tests”.  There are no right or wrong answers.
  • CLTA provides all the material for this module.

Module 1b: God’s kingdom and Christ’s Church.

  • This Module deals with the how’s, whys and when’s of God’s kingdom and Christ’s Church. (Why Jesus first taught and demonstrated the kingdom before He mentioned the word Church in Matt 16:18.

  • Module 1 examines Matthew 4-18.
  • It also explains the continuum of life (Christ) and death (disconnection from God) vs. the traditional heaven and hell teaching.
  • Module 1 also examines the central message of the Bible, which is life and death and NOT heaven and hell.
  • Each student discovers his/her own “level” of spiritual maturity.

    CLTA provides all the material for this module.


Module 2a: Ecometrics is Counseling Vol1.

  • Here the student will learn what is meant with assessment.
  • Know the techniques and guidelines for assessments and be able to apply them in practice.
  • Be able to apply the Psycho-Social-Theological Anthropology questionnaire in practice.
  • Understand the value of homemade data gathering tools.
  • Be able to create and use a homemade questionnaire.
  • CLTA provides all the material for this module.

Module 2b: The basic doctrine of Christ.

  • Module 2 is about Hebrews 6:1-2.

  • What is perfection (maturity) and how do we reach it?
  • What are dead works according to the Bible?
  • Faith and the 5 types of baptisms we find in the NT.
  • Why we lay hands on people.
  • The difference between the resurrection FROM the dead and the resurrection OF the dead.
  • The meaning, translation and application of the word Sheol in the OT and the NT and The Early Church Father’s view of resurrection.
  • What does the word “eternal” means and what is eternal judgment – past, present and future.
  • CLTA provides all the material.


Module 3a: How people grow Vol1

  • This module is about what the Bible reveals about personal growth.
  • Four models of how people grow.
  • How the Fall changed how life was designed to be lived.
  • What Redemption is and what it does.
  • How a relationship with God “grows life”.
  • The role Jesus Christ plays in the spiritual growth process.
  • The way the Holy Spirit is involved in our growth process.
  • CLTA provides the Study Guide.
  • The student has to buy the prescribed book: How People Grow from Cloud H. Townsend (ISBN: 9780310257370)

Module 3b: How to be led by the Spirit of God.

  • This is the practical side of waiting on and hearing from God. Ps 25:5 Ps 37:7 Is 40:31 Lam 3:25-26

  • How we discern His Spirit’s voice is the objective of Module 3.
  • This is a practical DVD, where we actually show you how we wait on God (for 20-30min) and how we share and explain what we have heard.
  • Also, why we need to hear God’s voice as well as the application of the spoken Word to our everyday life.

    The student has to buy the prescribed book: How you can be led by the Spirit of God from Kennith E. Hagin (ISBN: 9780892765416)


Module 4a: Communication Skills (working with individuals as a relationship facilitator).

  • Introduction to Imago Relationship Theory.
  • What is a relationship facilitator?
  • Phenomenology
  • Feelings and a quick tour into the world of emotions.
  • The Mirroring process and the relationship dialogue
  • Validation and Empathy.
  • CLTA provides the study material.

Module 4b: The Bride of Christ

  • The Bride of Christ is one of the mysteries we find in the Bible according to the Apostle Paul. Ephesians 5:23-27
  • It will stay a mystery to mankind until God reveals or discloses the secret.
  • Becoming the Bride of Christ is not meant for the sweet bye-and-bye (heaven), but for this life – here and now on earth.
  • It is an in-depth study of Eph 5:23-27, Rev 19:7-9, and Rev 21:2, 9-12
  • In this course the processes of becoming the Bride of Christ is thoroughly explained.
  • CLTA provides all the material.


Cost and info for Certificate II (Modules 5-9)

Classroom and Online: Please register again for Certificate II.

Payment options: Payment options as with Certificate I.

Study guides and prescribed books: Most study guides are included in your fees. However, some of the prescribed books the student need to order from or

Upon successful completion of Modules 1-4, students will receive a certificate to mark their achievement & are eligible to enrole for Certificate II (modules 5-9) course.


Module 5: Relationships and Communication

  • Here we use the Imago-relationship model to teach: See what is Imago

  • how to dialogue (send and receive) effectively.
  • how to put your frustrations, emotions and pain into words/language and not into reactive behaviour.
  • how to validate another person and have empathy with one another (this is something we learn to do).
  • the difference between grace and ‘right-and-wrong’ thinking.
  • the effect of our childhood on our relationships and the way we think about relationships.
  • the exercising of grace and unconditional love.


Module 6: The Age to come

  • In Module 6 we look at God’s macro- (the universe, the earth and time-frames) and God’s micro- (each one of us individually) systems.

  • The interdependence of the two systems is closely looked at.
  • We study the past three 2000year periods (also called ages). From the creation of Adam until now.
  • There are 10 similarities we find in each of the 2000 year time-frames.
  • Having understanding of this, it gives us foreknowledge of God’s plans for the coming age. The one we are entering now.


Module 7: How to walk with God

  • This module deals with the three-fold things of God as depicted throughout the Bible Prov 22:20
  • For example: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob;

Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

spirit, soul and body;

Peter, James and John;

Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles;

children, young men and fathers;

Beast, False Prophet and Dragon;

prophet, priest and king;

way, truth and life;

Ophanim, Cherubim and Seraphim;

Saul, David and Solomon;

Levites, priests and high-priest;

Ask, seek and knock;

and many more.

  • It explains our three main stages of spiritual growth, and the “enemy” to each stage.
  • Module 7 touches on the salvation of the soul as well as on our individual thinking processes and belief systems.
  • The practical side of walking with God and using the dialogue method we have learnt in Module 5 to communicate with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • In walking with God, we receive revelation from Christ, which will change the lies we believe. Here it is explained how to apply the revelation received.
  • The Student will learn how to interpret Scripture with Scripture.
  • How to interpret dreams and visions.


Module 8: The EFT healing method

  • This is an introduction, study and the put-into-practice of the Emotional Freedom Technique.
  • We look at how to deal with phobias, fears, nightmares, and addictions.
  • Traumatic events and the impact of it on our lives/souls, behaviours, our choices and our thinking.
  • How that has and is still influencing the way we perceive life, God, relationships and self-love (our self esteem).
  • The effect of emotions on our bodies.
  • How to deal with traumatic events and receive healing and freedom from those events.


Module 9: The Melchizedek Priesthood

  • The main objective of this course is how character is formed in us, specifically that of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The requirements for the Levitical Priesthood according to the book of Exodus and the spiritual application of those requirements to our lives. 1 Pet 2:9 Rev 5:10
  • The four Gospels and the four main characteristics of the Lord Jesus Christ: Lion, Ox, Man and Eagle.


Cost and info for Certificate III (Modules 10-12)

Classroom and Online: Please register again for Certificate III.

Payment options: Payment options same as Certificate I & II.

Study guides and prescribed books: Most study guides are included in your fees. However, some of the prescribed books the student need to order from or

Upon successful completion of Modules 5-9, students will receive a certificate to mark their achievement & are eligible to enrole for Certificate III (modules 10-12) course.


Module 10: The fulfillment of the law

  • We study Christ as the Royal Law. James 2:8
  • How each OT law (we do not go through all 613 laws!) points towards Christ Jesus.
  • How He came to fulfill every OT law.
  • The life-application of those OT laws to our lives.
  • This is not a study of law but of Life.How to lay hands on people and heal the sick. This is both theory and the practical application of Life!


Module 11: The Seven Churches of Rev 1, 2, 3

  • The objective of Module 11 is to show God’s way of experiencing an open heaven – where the future is clearly revealed – as described in Rev 4:1-2.
  • To get to that place of an open heaven, one has to “grow” through the seven stages of the seven Churches in the book of Revelation chapters 1 to 3.
  • This exegeses of the 7 Churches is not a study of the past or of the rapture. This Module focuses at each Church’s message (angel), revelation of Christ Jesus, and warning for us in our spiritual growth!
  • You will learn that an open heaven is not something one believes for but rather an attainment of spiritual growth.
  • It is a place that one reaches where you are caught up in the spirit by the Spirit. Rev 4:1 2 Cor 12:1-4


Module 12: Science, History and the Bible

  • Module 12 examines how God confirms himself and His ways through science and history.
  • In this Module we look at quantum physics, law of circularity, law of chaos, enzymes, vitamins, photons, placebos, stem cells etc, etc.
  • The student also learns about the way our brain works and the 5 different brain-waves with its functions and how it fits into spirituality.
  • Reincarnation is studied as well as other religions.
  • The Bible, the Zodiac and astrology I.


Upon successful completion of Modules 10-12, students will receive a certificate to mark their achievement & are eligible to enroll for Ordination (module 13) course.


Cost and info for Ordination (Modules 13-15)

Classroom and Online: Please register. Fees dependent on student’s country of residence.

Payment options: Complete the Application Form for payment options.

Study guides and prescribed books: Most study guides are included in your fees. However, some of the prescribed books the student need to order from or

Module 13 – 15: (Ordination into the 5-fold ministry)

  • The Bible, the Zodiac and astrology II

  • The Bible and evolution.

  • Advanced EFT

  • (More) Practical Ministry/Counseling

Study at a CLTA:

Certificate I (One year: Modules 1 – 4)

Certificate II (Two years: Modules 5 – 9

Certificate III (Three years: Modules 10 – 12)

Ordination (Module 13 – 15)

Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Therapy

Study at Home:

Each student studies at own pace but we do recommend that you keep within the specified time schedule.

Download the Curriculum to see the time schedule and format.


Download CLTA Curriculum here (Pdf)



Registrations are open throughout the year.

Registration is free. You will receive an e-mail with 2 links.

One to some excerpts of the above Modules and one to the Application Form should you wish to study/enroll at CLTA.

CLTA holds the right to change the fees and/or curriculum at own discretion.

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