Where do I begin, to find the right words that will describe just what Edgar’s bible teachings have meant to me in my life?

From the very first teaching, the revelations dropped into my heart. Even though it sounded strange at first, it was as though my heart had known it all along.

Starting with the basic doctrines of Christ, the teachings on the Bride of Christ and the Kingdom of God, these spiritual truths are awesome. Only God could have birthed these revelational truths to Edgar.

In my heart I’ve always felt that there had to be more to the plan of salvation, than just accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, and then waiting to die in order for it to be completely fulfilled in my life.

I now know that the purpose of our spiritual growth is to mature, to become the bride of Christ (here on earth), and then to continue in growth until the full measure and stature of the Kingdom of Christ has been formed within me as God, my Father ordained it in heaven.

The revelation our Father has given Edgar, and the manner in which he biblically imparts it, continually astounds me. Knowledge is important. It teaches us all about God and His spiritual process in our life. As we grow into this process, we discover that there is a Way back to where we came from, living as spiritual beings in the presence of our Lord and God. However, there needs to be a willingness of heart and obedience of mind to follow the Way back there again.

Through these teachings I have grown tremendously. I’ve come to know my Lord and my Father intimately. God has fanned a flame in my heart to know His Truth, and in  getting to know His Truth, I am progressively being set free.

I highly recommend these bible teachings to anyone who has a hunger, a love and a desire to know Jesus Christ, our Lord and God our Father, intimately.

And I pray that you will receive the full revelation of Christ in your life, and that you will come into the full right relationship with your Father, through these bible teachings.

Much  love in Christ, Valerie Vorster


Having had the privilege to go through the teachings, I am able to understand the process of spiritual growth in Christ. To come to the knowledge from the Basic Teachings, to the Kingdom of God and the Bride of Christ, enriched me as a scholar of the Truth and fixed a firm foundation in my intimate relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ.

The teachings enriched my life in all areas of thinking and practicing of everyday life.

Blessings, Christiaan Oosthuizen

Thanks to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the EFT system as tool for emotional healing I was healed from intense fear and nightmares of snakes which tormented me from a young age. It was difficult for me to just walk near a pet shop or zoo where snakes were kept. I also had frequent nightmares about snake attacks and was unable to enjoy a walk in the park or bush.

Also when my father passed away it was difficult to handle the heartache and emotional pain of a difficult relationship.

After studying and practicing the EFT tool under the guidance of the Holy Spirit I was able to obtain healing from my fear of snakes and emotional pain related to my fathers’ death.

I would gladly recommend EFT as a helpful tool to speedily overcome any fears, emotional pain or mental obstacles in life.

Blessings, Chantell Oosthuizen


We are church goers our whole lives, but after doing some of the modules with Pastor Edgar Phillips, our lives changed. Our understanding of the Bible, the Kingdom of God, the basic doctrines of Christ and the bride of Christ have improved and we are learning on a daily basis.

One of the courses that stood out for us was the marriage/communications course and it meant the world to us! It improved our communication skills between ourselves and our children. It changed the way we look at, and deal with problems. We are not saying we do not have arguments any more, but we are definitely better equipped to deal with it.

After a lot of praying, we left our church denomination of 36 years and become members of Pastor Edgar’s congregation (Household of God). Each Sunday a certain excitement prevails in our house on what we are going to learn in the service that morning.

We would recommend any of the modules that Pastor Edgar presents to any person out there. Christians, it will make you grow and Non-Christians, it will make you think!

Louis & Ilse Broodryk


Our grandson, Levi, was frequently plagued with nightmares. Especially about cocroches, chasing him and wanted to eat him.  He was frantic about it, and would sometimes came screaming down the stairs, running to his mother, crying uncontrollably.

He attends, with us, the church of pastor Edgar Phillips.
One morning, at the service, I suddenly felt an urge to ask the Pastor to pray for Levi. He agreed, but instead of praying, he did the EFT technique on Levi.  At that stage I was  not farmiliar with the EFT course, but because I have attended the church for a very long time, and knew the word he brings, I trusted him in what he was doing.
We all know that a child of 9 is not really able to pretend.  After a few weeks, on our way to church, I asked if he still has bad dreams about cocroches.  He got a puzzled look on his face, and after a while replied: “Oh that?  No, I have forgotten that I ever had it.”
As adults, we can often pretend that something is gone, but not a child.  And I knew that this is a wonderful tool to help people to live better, more relaxed and less stressful lives in the wonderfull life with our Saviour and God!
Rosa Phillips
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